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Offline Consulting

Top Offline Consulting Products

Offline consulting to local businesses is a hot
business model which has seen many internet
marketers offering their knowledge, skills,
expertise and experience to their clients and
helping them bring their businesses online. It
can be a great way to supplement your income as an internet

There are many services that internet marketers can offer
which include search engine optimization (SEO), web design,
article marketing, mobile marketing, press release writing,
social media marketing, etc.

However, going into the consulting business must be done
with ample knowledge and tools on how to follow through by
providing the suite of services. This guide will give you the top
products that you can use to supplement and boost your
offline consulting business.

Contents of this guide

. Mobile Money Bandit
. WP Coupon Generator
. Offline Lead Pipeline
. Easy Instant Flyers
. Local Mobile Monopoly
. Direct Mail Magic
. Offline Consulting Secrets

I have gained lots of knowledge about marketing already which I
am keen to put into practice. Coming from a purely medical
background you have helped to kick start a complete beginner
into running her own business.

- Dr. Sarah Taylor


Offline Consulting Secrets shows you how to get as many ideal offline
consulting clients as you want. You'll learn proven and tested tips,
techniques, and methods from a very successful consultant!


Discover how you can increase your commissions using
mobile marketing with Mobile Money Bandit. You'll learn
step-by-step how to set up your own pay-per-call campaign
and start making money!

Direct Mail Magic is a proven system on how to get
lots of customers for local businesses. You'll learn
how to print and mail marketing materials to lots of
people for local businesses at a low cost.

Are you an offline marketer looking for professional-
quality marketing materials?

If so, Easy Instant Flyers is the product for you. With it,
you can easily create the flyers you want instantly to
impress clients and get you more business!

WordPress Coupon Generator is a WordPress plugin allowing
you to create an unlimited number of coupons! You can
display the coupons on the sidebar of your blogs or insert
into any post or page.

"Lead Pipeline Referral Marketing is by far the most
effective avenue for building your client base, no
matter what business you are in. It's free, and it gives
you the best prospects that are 10 times easier to
close than any other marketing method. This is by far
my favorite way to grow my offline business.

- Ryan Shaw

Discover how you can use mobile text messaging to
connect with potential customers and drive traffic to local
businesses with Local Mobile Monopoly!


Discover the best way to generate new leads on near
autopilot for your offline consulting business without
spending on advertising with Offline Lead Pipeline!

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