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Social Media

Top Social Media Products

Social media marketing is the process of
getting traffic through social media sites using
viral content that attracts attention and
encourages sharing across the social networks.

There are several social media sites which are
hugely popular which include Facebook, Youtube and Twitter
which have the ability to generate huge traffic to a web page
through one campaign. And hence, it is a MUST to be
knowledgeable about the 3 networks and what you can
ahieve with them.

This guide outlines the top social media marketing products in
the market which can help you increase your knowledge and
discover how you can achieve the objectives you have for your
business through social media marketing campaigns.

Contents of this guide

. The Social Networking Academy
. Double Your Likes
. FB Ad Queen
. Video Traffic Academy
. Facebook Ad Insider
. LinkedIn Influence
. FB Influence

If you want a you're looking for a guide to social media
where you go at your own pace, I can't think of a better
place to start than The Social Networking Academy.

- Sheila Hensley

FBInfluence is your complete roadmap for utilizing
Facebook to effectively market your business online. You
will learn strategies to help you create more prospects,
traffic, and sales for your business using Facebook!


With The Social Networking Academy, you'll learn step-by-
step social media techniques and strategies to help you start,
improve, and grow your online business!


Discover how you can use LinkedIn to get more targeted traffic,
high-quality leads, and sales with LinkedInfluence!

"I'm so excited that I bought LinkedInfluence I'm only
on the 1st module, and am already #1 as Sacramento
Realtor. That's out of more than 1,600 so you can
imagine my thrill. I would recommend this product to
anyone who wants to gain a greater presence on
LinkedIn.(except, of course, other Sacaramento
Realtors!). I seriously can't wait to see what the other
modules will do for me!

- Tamara Dorris

Learn how to create effective Facebook ads that people will
notice and click with FB Ad Queen and generate highly targeted
traffic for your websites!


Double Your Likes is a tool allowing you to increase the
number of Likes on your Facebook fan page. Having more
"Likes" means more traffic, which ultimately leads to more sales
and money for you!

In about two months my Facebook Page 'Likes' have gone from
62 to now over 4,500. Yes, over 4,000! All due to FB Ads Insider's
guidance. And the best part is people are really engaged
on the Page. This week's Insights say that 50% of my fan
base are talking about my posts - very cool!

- Elle Vagianos

Discover the 5 proven strategies to create effective Facebook ads that
can get huge numbers of new fans, subscribers, and customers for
your business with Facebook Ads Insider!

I got so much information I could not write fast enough!
The system is amazing and I plan on putting it in action for
myself in some projects I am launching soon and also It has
given me insane extra knowledge so I can up my game
and better serve my clients.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate this and how
useful this will be for so many ventures now and in the

- Larry McKay


Video Traffic Academy is a training program that shows you
how to use video and YouTube to get you more traffic, leads,
and sales!

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