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Wordpress Blogging

Top Products On Wordpress & Blogging

Blogging is posting content on a blog which is an
online journal. It has become a popular
platform for people to share knowledge and
interact with each other.

And the content on a blog has become
increasingly important with the search engines valuing original
and unique content.

Blogs have become an indispensable tool for marketers to
generate content to attract their target audience. And they
are increasingly weighted in search engine rankings. Hence, it
is important for internet marketers to fully utilize it to its
maximum potential and use it to get visibility for their
products and services online.

This guide will share the top must-have products related to
Blogging and the Wordpress blogging platform.

Contents of this guide

. Wishlist Member
. OptimizePress
. Start A Blog That Matters
. CB Press
. Blogging To The Bank
. Wordpress Classroom
. Short Codes Deluxe


Do you wish to convert your Wordpress blogs to
membership sites easily?

If yes is your answer, then WishList Member is what'll
you need to create comprehensive membership site
with many useful features!

Learn how to make
money online from
blogging with Blogging To
The Bank!

With OptimizePress, you can
easily create professional-
looking, high-converting sales
and offer pages based on
proven and tested designs!

Get people interested in your
offers and see your sales and
subscribers increase!

I must tell you, Optimize Press is
really good stuff. I bought this
and I LOVE IT! I love how youve
made everything so easy for
people like me who have zero
technical skill. I installed it and
within minutes I had my first
squeeze page up on my site.
Really, this is great stuff.

- Jennifer Hanson Sheahan

Discover the secrets of Wordpress with Wordpress
Classroom. Learn how to create niche blogs, squeeze pages,
sales pages, and membership sites that make you money!"Ever since using the CBPress
plugin our blog has so much
more to offer. It took minutes to
setup and allows us to show off
products that make sense to our
visitors with minimal effort. A
fantastic Clickbank Market
Place plugin for anyone at an
unbelievably low price!!


CB Press allows you to import all the products in the ClickBank
Marketplace into your WordPress sites quickly and easily! I downloaded CBPress and created a blog page with a
selection of Marketplace categories. Time taken from start to
finish : three minutes.

You could probably stop there and end up with a profitable
site but CBPress then offers an unrivalled variety of
customization and filtering features.

With an unlimited license that allows you to install CBPress on
as many sites as you wish : what are you waiting for?

- Harvey Segal

I created a blog that has turned into an amazing
brand with How to Start A Blog That Matters. It grew
by 3k subscribers within weeks of the launch and
doubled within in 5 months to now over 10k. It was
also ranked #11 in a top 50 Personal Development
Blogs of 2011 contest. I constantly get comments
about how awesome the design, name, branding
and positioning is. We also executed a launch
strategy that kicked ass!

- Scott Dinsmore

Short Codes Deluxe is a Wordpress plugin providing you with a
set of marketing tools that you can use on any Wordpress theme
to create high-impact pages. It is a must-have tookit for all online
marketers who uses Wordpress to create sales pages!

How to Start a Blog that
Matters is a formula for creating
successful blogs. You'll learn
step-by-step the strategies to
build blogs that matter.

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